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Down On Your Luck? Here's How You Get Over The Hump!

 by: Richard Vegas

It's time to put a bad rumor to rest right now. Good things don't happen to you because you have "good luck." And, bad things don't happen to you because you have "bad luck." Well then smart guy, what is it? I'm glad you asked; Read on!

Time For All-Out War!

Somewhere long ago, a rumor got started and spread all over the world that told us, as long as we live in this world, we have to suffer fear, failure and defeat. Here's what I think of that!

Some how or another, we have been presented with a bill of goods that just stinks like a skunk. The rumor says we have no chance to escape, and no hope to change the course of our circumstances. This is a bunch of bull, but it's worked on a lot of people.

It is a shame that so many people are defeated; but, prosperity, health, success and victory are not blessings that are only available for a select few. These ideas were God's plan for all humanity. He never intended for any of us to live under the beggarly elements of this world.

The Burning Question!

You see, there are two forces at work in this earth. One force brings about things that are good and wholesome, and the other force brings about things that are bad and unwholesome. Obviously, everyone wants to be on the good and wholesome side; why do we find ourselves on the bad side so often?

There could be many reasons, but let me point out one that always seems to stick its ugly head up whenever it gets a chance. That is; when we try to create, or expect positive things to come when we are experiencing negative emotions.

Folks, it seldom works. Trying to create positive results using negative emotions is about as effective as a screen door on a submarine. If we recognize that this negative emotion condition is probably hindering us, then it's time to get over the hump.

Negative emotions are subject to certain things. They are influenced by what we see, hear, and say. They are formed in our minds by words that we read, words that we hear, and words that we say.

By Hook Or Crook!

When you are experiencing a low; an anxiety or depression that is causing you worry, I can almost guarantee you that you are thinking about things, reading about things, or looking at things that are causing it.

Listen carefully: Circumstances don't cause worry! Many times the circumstances were disastrous before you even found out about them. But, the instant you found out about them, what happened? Worry!

You felt great just five minutes before you found out. The circumstances are not the problem. I know you think they are, and that's exactly my point. "You are thinking they are."

You are forming thoughts and ideas in your mind to create an escape plan, in case your brain-child fails, to get yourself permanently out of the mess you're thinking about.

Cut To The Quick!

The whole time you're forming this escape plan, you are focused on the circumstances that are causing the negative emotions, which are causing the low. The biggest problem is not the circumstances, it's the negative emotions.

The conclusion of the matter will be whatever it will be. The only thing the negative emotions will do is make you lose your self-esteem and feel lower than a ditch digger. It will make you feel worse than a criminal. You will convince yourself there is no way out.

Here is another problem; when you feel inadequate for the problem, you will not form the right thoughts in your mind to create positive emotions. Whichever emotions you are experiencing, positive or negative, they will tend to perpetuate themselves at the time.

They will grow and grow until you either feel like superman, or lower than whale poop, .

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining!

The good thing about all this is this. You can change any negative emotion with just the same methods you used to create the monster. Will this change the circumstances? It'll do whatever you believe.

Life is not a formula that always works the same way. By the same token, if you remain in a negative emotional state, still the circumstances can change in your favor. It has happened to me a few times, not many. Also, I have remained in a positive emotional state at times and still saw the circumstances go sour. It's like being ahead thirty to nothing for four quarters and then losing the game in the last ten minutes.

It's just another test. All of life is a test! But, what it did for me was to sharpen my ability to keep my emotions positive. And, believe me; it feels a lot better to be up than stewing in your own juice.

See The Light!

Think about this: Somewhere out in the future, maybe a week, a month, whatever, there is a time that the circumstances will change. You don't know the date and neither does anyone else. But, it's there nevertheless.

So, what have you got to do till then? Wait! Waiting always lasts too long, so if waiting is inevitable, then let's wait with positive emotions. The alternative is to wait with negative emotions, but, either way, you'll wait!

Someone said to me one time, "I don't want to feel up when my circumstances are down." I know it! That's always the way human nature reacts. But, the facts are that it's just not healthy for you to be worried and depressed.

And, you don't have to be. You can feel good whenever you want to mentally. Your emotions are subject to whatever you feed them. So, get a good positive book and start reading it by feeding your mind with words that will charge your emotions with energy.

Here's Half The Battle!

Try this experiment: find a good positive book and only read it long enough to find a paragraph or phrase that really makes you tingle. You know; something that really relates to your current emotional state and then close the book.

Now, whatever that phrase was, sit back, close your eyes and see those very words entering your mind. Let those words hit your forehead like a Mack truck. Don't worry, they won't hurt. :>) Let those words blast inside your mind.

The More The Merrier!

Do it faster and faster. Now, let them flow all down through your body, into your legs are arms. Then do it again. If you will practice this for just five minutes, you'll get the hang of it and can use this technique anytime you want to change your emotional state.

If you decide you don't want to do it, then you need to admit you really like feeling the way you do. Don't get mad at me, but I know, I've been there.

I have used this technique hundreds of times and it changes my emotional state every time. It is truly amazing how my feelings change even though nothing has changed in the circumstances. Emotions are not subject to circumstances, but circumstances can be subject to emotions.

Richard Vegas ©

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