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Attitude Adjustment 101: Nine Ways to Transform You From Mediocre to Magnificent

 by: Susan Young

“Work on your career and you’ll make a living. Work on yourself and you’ll make a fortune.”

- Jim Rohn

Regardless of the number of college credits or degrees you have, the truth is that much of your success is determined by your attitude. Education is worthwhile but a good attitude is priceless. If you search for a college that has a concentration of study entitled “Attitude,” you will come up empty handed. Yet, the world would be a better place if we could all major in “Attitude.”

If attitude is not taught in school, then how come some people have great attitudes and others don’t? More important, how can you change from a mediocre attitude to a magnificent one?

First, to adjust your attitude, you must be brutally honest with yourself and take responsibility for your attitude. You are the only one who can change you. Be accountable for who you are and how you behave. Tell yourself that blame is unacceptable.

Second, recognize warning signs like negative thoughts, blame and pessimism. Your mind is like a computer; the beliefs you put in (input) create the actions you take out (output). For example, if you tell yourself that you are “just okay,” you will be “just okay.” What you think about, you will become.

Third, use positive affirmations. Tell yourself every day that you are an outstanding person capable of achieving your goals. When the woman at the coffee shop in the morning asks how I am, I flash a big smile and reply “I’m great” or I’m outstanding.” Replace negative and mediocre with excellent and amazing. Stand up taller each morning. Breathe deeply to allow air into your diaphragm. Smile more, even at people you don’t know. Live a new level of excellence every day. Reach higher.

Fourth, your subconscious mind operates on images and pictures. Before you go to sleep, envision your ideal day. What are you doing? What are you wearing? Who are you with? Are you in a meeting, confidently speaking before your boss and colleagues? Are you on the beach playing with your children and spouse? See and feel yourself in this moment as a huge success. Do you want a new house, job or relationship? Imagine it as if it already happened.

Fifth, write down your goals. The subconscious mind kicks into action when you put your goals in writing. List three short-term and three long-term goals. Then, give your dreams deadlines (a date of accomplishment) and outline the steps you will take every day to reach your goals and dreams.

Sixth, put your head down and focus. Successful people do not spend time with negative water cooler gossip and time wasters. Set your goals and get to work.

Seventh, think about a successful person you admire. What are his or her personality traits, characteristics and values? Chances are the person who came to mind is successful because he or she decided to be positive and upbeat, to expect great accomplishments and to focus on doing whatever it takes to achieve his or her goals. Surround yourself with cheerful successful people.

Eighth, avoid “naysayers” who shoot you down, speak negatively or have poor work and personal habits.

Ninth, practice these ways to adjust your attitude for at least 21 days. That’s how long it takes to form a new habit.

President John F. Kennedy said, “The human mind is our most fundamental resource.” Your mind is a fertile garden that will grow whatever you plant in it. What seeds are you planting in your mind? Are you planting seeds of opportunity and growth or weeds like cynicism and mediocrity? Life is better when you have a good attitude. So go ahead and give yourself the chance to move from mediocre to magnificent. We all have the tools. The key is to use the resources that we have to become totally amazing!

About The Author

Susan Young is the president of Susan Young Media Relations, Inc., a New Jersey firm that promotes and publicizes businesses, non-profits and professional associations. She is a speaker and trainer covering topics such as “How to Leverage The Media” and “Communicating with Confidence.” For information, call (732) 613-4790, or visit www.sueyoungmedia.com



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