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Your Success

 by: Frank Schmidt

Success starts in your mind.

    Positive Thinking creates the advantage.

Success comes with a good mood.

    Listen to your most preferred CD before an important meeting.

Success is increased with a little attention.

    Give others something maybe a nice gesture is enough.

Success comes when your body is healthy.

    Body and soul are inseparable.

Success comes with partnership.

    Show this others by thinking for them.

Success is also a question of your outlook.

    Do not leave it up to coincidence; instead plan carefully from head to toe.

Success is determinant with your security.

    Everyone wants to be on the side of the winner.

Success is ruled by your target.

    Set yourself realistic but always higher goals then demanded.

Success is a question of stamina.

    Stay in the court! Hang in there! (Even when things seem to drift away)

Success is based on systematic work.

    Without engagement no success.

Success is predetermined.

    Train over and over again all possible situations.

Success is a state of your mind.

    Check and if necessary change your old attitude towards others and situations.

Success is also the success of others.

    It is no secret how they are successful! Watch them and let them teach you.

Success is the opposite of failure.

    Delete the possibility of failure from your mind, since you are successful only.

About The Author

Frank Schmidt is a seasoned Management Consultant. Over the past 12 years he has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies to assist other managers improve success ratios and performance within their organizations. Visit his site http://www.geniusone.com today for additional details.



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