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Your James Bond Fantasies Become Real

 by: Paul Kyriazi

The problem with this is that fantasies usually don't come by chance. You have to plan them yourself. This seems to kill the very idea of a natural fantasy because you have to deal with the mundane realities of the arrangements.

Arrangements like the expenditure of 'hard earned' money and finding a willing Bond girl to go wading at the Dr. No waterfall with you. Much easier to pull out your 'Dr. No' video and let 007 have that fun AGAIN, instead of you.

However, if you're a special kind of man who will 'pick up the tab for that kind of living,' you will turn off the video and hit the internet to find where that waterfall is. You'll start making a budget. You'll call up the appropriate girl, or set out to find one, and set a date.

'Oh, this is so mundane,' you might think, 'I don't want to manipulate this fantasy into being. I want it to happen naturally. Like I'm naturally there in Jamaica and I naturally meet a charming woman, and she naturally is free. But that's a lot of 'naturallys' to hope for, isn't it?

But, maybe you're the type that might get excited about planning a Bond fantasy like this. Get excited about the challenge of it all. And once you get there, the fantasy will descend on you. You will look around with unbelievable fascination and think, 'Wow, this is really happening. I'm in the middle of the 'Dr. No' movie.'

When you create a wonderful fantasy like that, you should just enjoy it without destructive thoughts of, 'But does this woman really like me, or is she only here for the free trip? And hell, this will be over in a couple of days and I'll be back at work with a big credit card debt. And my friends will laugh at me when they hear how much I paid to pull this off.'

Hey man, Mr. Field Agent man. I won't laugh at you. And your friends that are following their dreams won't laugh at you. And the ones that aren't taking action? Well, don't even bother to tell those guys, 'cause they wouldn't understand anyway. Besides, you'll be too busy planning your next fantasy.

About The Author

Paul Kyriazi, author of 'The Complete James Bond Lifestyle Seminar.' LIVE THE JAMES BOND LIFESTYLE http://www.BondLife.com.


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