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Ageless Principles of Success(6)

 by: Song Chengxiang

With Proven Techniques for practical applications.

The Principle of NOW:

Dear friend, have you ever wonder what time is? Once you truly understand the real meaning of time, you will never experience worry, anxiety and unhappiness again. Actually time is just an illusion.

"No matter how persistent the illusion of time is, the illusion of past, present, and future is still an illusion."


Scientific study of quantum physics has already prove that the only moment that exist is NOW! There is no past, no future, there is only one moment, and that is the moment of NOW! The past and future is only the perception that exist in the human mind. What you think in the past or in the future is just an illusion in your mind. Now is the only time that exists.

The illusion of time makes us think that the moments of past, present and future separate from each other. In reality, they are all happening now. Everything happens NOW!. if you are not convinced by the concept of NOW, then try to do something yesterday or tomorrow right now. It is impossible. Think about it, when do you remember your past? you remember it now. When do you dream your future, you dream it now. There is no any means that you can experience the past or the future, because they don't really exist, they are only a mental concept. When you think you are in your past or in your future, you are actually still in the moment of now. There is no separation of time, everything happens now!

If you truly live in the present moment of now, you will not have any problem at all. All the so called problems happens in your imaginary future. You experience them in your mind. If you fully concentrate on the present moment, and handle what you are suppose to handle at the moment, you will never experience any problem. A wise seer says " I don't worry about the past, and I am not fearful of the future because my life is supremely concentrated in the present, and the right response comes to me, to every situation as it occurs." This is the timeless awareness. In timeless awareness, you don't experience fear, anxiety and worry. You are in flow. You are one with the source energy. One way to experience the timeless awareness is to choose to live in the present now. Watch your mind, observe it. Your mind will always tries to escape the present moment, because the only reference point it has is the past. You can simply observe it, the moment you realize your mind is escaping the present moment, you are actually in the present moment.

Since NOW is the only moment that exists, the question is why do I experience what I am experiencing now, but not anything else. The answer to that question is that you have chosen it. At this magic moment of now, there are infinite number of things happening, and you are free to choose to experience any one of them. You made your choice by sending out an command to the Universal Mind ( or call it Cosmic Mind, Infinite Intelligence, Source Energy or God.). Depending on your certainty and clarity, the Universal Mind brings to you exactly what you send out. At some point of this space-time continuum, you had sent out your command, the Universe took your instruction, and worked perfectly on it. That is exactly what you are experiencing now. At the moment of now, you have infinite number of choices, you can experience any one of them by sending out your instructions. The Universe will bring to you exactly what you want depending on your certainty and clarity. It is important to know that the universe takes all your instructions, good or bad, and work equally on them. It can not choose for you. You have to make your own choice with certainty and clarity. Once you make your choice, let the universe to handle the details.

How to put this principle into practice?

(1) Consistently monitor your mind. Keep it concentrate on the present moment of now.

(2) Anytime you find yourself worry about the future, remind yourself " Now is the only time that exists, the past and the future is just an illusion that exists in my mind. I choose to fully concentrate on the present moment of NOW!"

(3) Practice daily meditation. Experience the timeless awareness.

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To your success.

Song chengxiang

Copyright 2004 Song Chengxiang

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Copyright 2004 by Song Chengxiang.

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