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Why Itís Important to Make Your Idea Real

 by: Tony Papajohn

Say you have an idea for something new and exciting in your life.

This may be something as simple as a new arrangement for the garden or as far-reaching as a career change.

You get the idea and decide you will do it.

Take a moment to use the power of your imagination to get a crystal clear vision of what you want.

What will the new issue look like? What will it sound like? If you could touch it, what would it feel like?

And how would you feel engaging it in completed form?

If you were watching a documentary of your idea becoming a realty, what might you see? What might you hear? What might you feel while you were watching with rapt attention?

If you have good answers to the above questions, you are ready for someone to tell you your idea wonít work.

Invariably, when we get an idea that sets us on fire, someone is standing by with a fire hose.

And, heaven knows, such a one will find many reasons why your idea will flop and few why it will succeed.

However, if you have a clear mental embodiment of your idea, you are more likely to stay focused on your inner reality rather than someoneís verdict of it.

A few moments of playing with the idea in your head is worth hours of wracking doubt when someone says, ďThat will never work!Ē

If you are already established within yourself that the idea will work, the clarity of your mental embodiment will carry any day when someone decides your idea is crazy.

That is because the idea is real to you.

If the idea is real in you inner world, you wonít care what anyone says in the outer.

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Copyright 2004 by Tony Papajohn.

Tony writes and speaks on success. Subscribe to his free SuccessMotivator e-zine at http://www.successmotivator.com.



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