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The Balance of Balance

 by: Ryan Campbell

Life is about maintaining a balance of all aspects. At times some areas might receive more focus than others, but remember we're always undergoing constant change. It takes 3 weeks to develop a habit, so develop these habits with balance in your life, you won't regret it.

You should have a feeling of accomplishment when the day is over and you're heading to bed for the night. The same positive mind-set applies when you wake up in the morning. Why not be excited and eager to get your day started off with a bang? Keeping an open mind under all circumstances will allow you to make the most of situations.

If you ever experience a feeling that you should be doing something more for yourself, chances are you should be. I'm sure we've all felt it before at one time or another. It's that nagging feeling that beckons in the back of your mind, telling you to be more motivated and ambitious. This is caused from play-time outweighing work-time.

The reverse: work-time outweighing play-time has It's definite drawbacks. Nobody enjoys this scenario, and it presents a feeling of being burnt-out. Nobody enjoys this feeling, and nobody enjoys spending time with a work-o-holic. Signs of this can be road rage, lack of ability to handle stressful situations, constant exhaustion, and the list goes on. This happens to those who don't take any time to enjoy the finer things in life, such as : exercising, time with family and friends.

Although being highly energetic and being upbeat throughout your day can give you better results in the challenges you take on, It's vital to take breaks from time to time. You might think that resting and taking breaks is a waste of time, but these relaxation points are what give you the ability to go the extra distance when the going gets tough. Remember to get enough sleep and eat a balanced diet, this will steer you away from fatigue and feeling tired during your day.

The equation to remember is:

Dividing your time equally between Work and Enjoyment = Balance.

The only way to know that you've accomplished anything is by looking back. But remember too much relaxation can throw off the balance of balance.

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