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Thank You

 by: Hifzur Rehman

Do you want to know the magical words which can change your life? No kidding, you already know, the words are “thank you”.

The magical and powerful words “thank you” open the hearts and minds of other people for us and thus pave the way for our prosperity and popularity. Don’t say thank you in a dull and lifeless manner. Say thank you wholeheartedly, humbly and with a sense of gratefulness. Give life to the words and let the magic take its own course in your favor.

Our success in day-to-day life depends on the help, assistance and cooperation being extended by others. No doubt, we say thank you to others many times during the day but we do so in such a casual manner that we even do not realize what we are saying. This is the reason that we do not get enough positive response from others and fail to establish long-term relationships.

Change your style, change your life and change the way you say thank you. Practice saying thank you politely with the positive expressions of your face. You can influence people, beyond your expectations, by saying the magical words of thank you, only when your mind and heart is deeply involved.

I start my day by saying thank you to God. I thank God for all His blessings on me and thank Him for giving me courage and strength to help people in reaching their goals in life. I say thank you to all those who contact me through different means of communications. I say thank you to my wife and children for their continuous help and assistance in my work and personal life. Before going to bed I once again thank God.

I cannot finish this article without saying thank you. Thank you for reading, using, republishing or referring this article to your friends.

The magical words of thank you are taking us to the new heights of success. Be successful, enjoy life and don’t forget to say “thank you”, the true magical words! Would you let me know your experiences? emailto:hrehman@selfimprovement.ch

About The Author

Hifzur Rehman, the owner and editor of http://www.selfimprovement.ch is helping people in motivating them to reach their desired goals in life. This website provides free inspirational articles, useful tools, tutorials, institution search, travel assistance and other material for a better and more rewarding happy living.

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