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Seducing with Hygiene

 by: Caroline Anton

The world wide web is full of articles and stories on how to seduce women (and men). Often you would come across various products that will make women crazy about you, or vendors who would like to sell their books that repeat same things over and over again. But are women (or men) that difficult? First impressions are the impressions that last a long time, sometimes, even a lifetime. However, first impressions have little to do with how you talk or how much bank balance you have. Rather, they are completely based on how you look, and more importantly, how you smell. You can't change your looks, but you can groom them to be the most seductive person in the room!

Steps for Proper Hygiene

  1. Rise up early in the morning and breathe the fresh air.

  2. Brush your teeth, complete your toilet and before the sun rises go for a 10 minute jog.

  3. Bathe daily if possible or atleast take a shower.

  4. Oil your body every 2 to 3 days. Best way is to get a massage.

  5. Use soap every three days unless you get really dirty.

  6. Shave regularly. If you have a moustache or a beard, trim it every 4-5 days.

  7. Shave of your pubic hair and armpits every 5-10 days.

  8. Apply parfumes/deodrants on a regular basis to mask the smell of sweat.

And that is all you ever need to do to look groomed and good! After that, even if you are in torn jeans and dirty t-shirt, you will look appealing! Now lets take a look at the why these steps are important.

1. Rise up early in the morning and breathe fresh air.

After a good nights sleep the body is ready to secrete its unwanted juices. Fresh air will help you expand your lungs and get rid of the nagging bad breath that most people have. You must have noticed a plethora of boutiques selling oxygenated products for rejuvenating your skin. Guess what time of the day there is maximum oxygen in the air? Yup, it is the morning. Five minutes of heavy breathing early in the morning with render your skin pure and refresh you completely. Thereupon, you will feel fresh and energetic through out the day.

2. 10 minute jog

After completing the neccessary actions of every morning, which must be completed in the morning or you would have indigestion and bad breath to haunt you all day! You are now ready to go for a jog. The idea is not to tire yourself. Just to sweat a bit and expand your lungs. The more you sweat early morning, the more impurities are thrown out of your blood and skin. The result, no acnes or skin diseases, good breathing, continued energy throughout the day and most importantly, a red glow on your face that would last until late in the night!

3. Bathe/Shower daily

While the sweat has its advantages, it has its disadvantages too. Namely, it smells sweaty! (Mind you, if you follow this regime regularly your sweat won't smell bad!) After your morning jog is the best time to take a hot/cold shower, or if you have time, a nice hot bath. Because the pores of your skin have been opened thanks to the sweat and early morning air, even water would wash your skin beautifully!

4. Get a massage every 2-3 days.

No body likes a dry skin, or for that matter oily skin. But believe it or not, the best way of making your skin like a 2 year old baby is regular massages with oil. Not with those fancy creams! Use a light oil like olive oil, or a parfumed oil. Just make sure that whatever product you use in completely natural. Then give yourself a good long massage, allowing the oil to penentrate your skin. The result? Soft and silky skin, a lingering parfume coming from inside your body that is a huge turn on for both men and women. And additionaly, a radiant glow of a wel exercised skin.

5. Use soap twice or thrice a week

If you follow the regime you won't need to use soap more often, unless you get really dirty. Soap leads to dry skin. Additionaly, it leaves a ligering odeur. This odeur, inspite of all the advertising, is not your natural odeur. The correct time of using the soap is in the evening when you have no date. Ofcourse soap has loads of benefits too(disinfectan and cleansing), therefore you should never go too long without it.

6. Shave/trim regularly

How regularly depends upon what look suits you. Still you should shave atleast once every 2-3 days if not daily. And don't forget a nice after shave to go along with it. A good shave in the morning will get you up and running like nothing else!

7. Shaving your pubic hair/armpits.

The armpits question is quite clear. Hair in your armpits are probably the most unhygienic part of your body. The sweat, instead of flowing, rests in these hair and can lead to infection. Most certainly, it would lead to bad smell. So unless you like smelling like a rotten egg, shave the buggers! But how does shaving your pubic hair effect you? One, your genitals would look bigger and better without a huge dread lock of hair. Specially for men. Women may choose to trim their pubic hair instead of shaving them, depending upon how they like it. Two, just like the armits, your groin sweats a lot. Thus leading to bad smell unless your pubic is trimmed/shaved. Three, it has a moral boosting effect. Just try it and you will see!

8. Using Perfumes

Your body, by now, would be emitting sensual waves to anyone who comes in close contact with you. Then why the perfumes? Quite simply because they smell good and give you a personality. You must take good care while choosing a perfume. It should go with your natural odeur, and yet be distinctive. Perfumes are a personality trademark! However, use it in little quantities. Just enough so that a person coming in close contact with you gets a whiff. Mixed with your natural smell it can be quite a turn on!.

About The Author

Caroline Anton is an expert in sexology and a member of The Pornography Times team. She has written various articles in seduction and self improvement for the site http://www.pornographytimes.com/

This article may be used only with a text link to The Pornography Times. Please link to http://www.pornographytimes.com/



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