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Secret Formula For Success at Anything.

 by: Nick James

It is with amazing clarity that I uncovered the following life-changing revelation. It caused me to put together this formula because it is so powerful that it allows me to accomplish anything I so desire. It will also work for anybody who is willing to put forth these principals on a daily basis. A person putting forth these principals can literally create a fortune for themselves. While the steps in this formula are fairly simple they came to me recently after having studied the many works of others such as Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, etc. I have come to observe over the years that the guy who always got the girl, the promotion, the top position, etc. almost always had the following character trait. They had extreme confidence in themselves and what they were doing. They had an unshakeable power of belief. The Bible states in Mark 9:23 - Jesus Said Everything is possible to him who believes.

Let me ask you the following question, Is not true belief just another term for Passion? When someone believes something strong enough they develop a true passion for making it happen. This is what separates just knowing something to be possible and having a real passion to make it a reality. For instance most sales people know that the more people they talk to the greater their number of sales will be. But until they develop the passion to actually start talking to more people their sales will stay the same.

A golfer can actually believe that practice will make his game better but until they become passionate about improving their game it won't improve.

The leading trainers of top name athletes and business leaders all say the same thing.

The best predictor of success is the degree of passion the person has.

Knowing this, is it not possible to build our level of passion - thus guaranteeing our success? You bet it is. Thus like a muscle in the body if you constantly work that muscle it will continue to grow stronger. If you constantly practice a skill you will get better and better at that skill.

This makes the solution very simple - we simply learn to develop passion for doing the skills necessary to bring us success.

If we know what we must do to gain success, than it is as simple as developing a passion to perform those tasks that create our success. And the great thing is we will learn to love doing those tasks.

The first step is to define the actions necessary to create the success we desire.

So as an example let's define the following:

What actions bring us the most success in our business. Of course the key to success is exposing our business to as many people as possible. What activities if performed on a consistent basis will bring us great success.

So we would do two things - we would define what actions bring us our most success and we would devise split tests to determine not only which of version of our methods work best but also to determine, which of our methods actually is producing our biggest results

So for example we might record on paper the following goal:

Expose our business to as many people as possible through one of the above methods.

Simply taking action is the first step in solving the problem of how to create anything you want in Life.

After all just knowing how to do something and actually being able to do it are two horses of a different color so to speak.

But this is an important first step and one that seems very simple and yet the majority of people live their whole lives and never discover this amazing revelation.

Knowing this concept, the next step to solving this problem is How do we create this unshakeable self-confidence, the kind of unwavering belief that moves mountains and allows a person to get the girl (or boy if they happen to be a girl) and create for themselves the kind of life that others only dream about?

A hate to ruin the story and give to you the last page of the book here, but the way to achieving unwaverable self-confidence and belief is simply creating a goal of something you have never done before and than accomplishing that goal.

But first in order to accomplish our goals we must define them.

Here in various areas of your life define goals you want to accomplish and than define them by writing them down.

Then simply believe everyday you are going to meet your goals. Do something everyday to build your belief muscle. When you believe people have a great habit of saying yes to you.

Practice your belief level everyday.

Everyday embed in your subconscious mind that you believe you can do whatever you want to do. Think and act like you have already achieved your goal. This builds your level of belief. Every day tell yourself I know I can do this!

Here is what I would advise if you are new to this habit of establishing goals and writing them on paper. - Start with 1-2 goals that you are really interested in. Goals that if achieved will help you to better accomplish other goals or a goal of something that you really want badly.

Now this next part is what really helped me in accomplishing goals, by removing the roadblocks in front of me.

Upon defining that goal or goals the next step is to do a brainstorming exercise in the following area. Write down 20 things on paper that you believe are items or thoughts, or beliefs that are currently holding you back from accomplishing your goal or goals.

Next focus on what you consider the top 1-3 limitations that are holding you back from achieving your goals.

Now here is what I find exciting. Normally a person will have a couple of major hang-ups (limitations) that are preventing them from accomplishing their major goals in life. So by eliminating these limitations you basically eliminate the vast percentage of road blocks that stand in the way of you meeting all your other goals.

So what I suggest a person do is to set goals to remove these major limitations from their life. Making the obtainment of their other goals much easier.

And of course take some defined action everyday to remove these limitations from your life.

But the best part is simply the process of identifying the ''hangups and limitations'' that are holding you back is half the battle.

About The Author

Nick James offers informative tips and information on nutrition, health and working from home. His many years of internet marketing experince he uses to help others have a successful home business. Visit him and some amazing info at http://www.health-goji-juice.com


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