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A Happiness Poem

 by: David Leonhardt

If a happiness poem could bring forth a smile,

Then my face would always dress in style.

If my ears could hear my computer screen,

From one to another, they, too, would grin.

My keyboard types for my eyes not my tongue

This happiness poem will never be sung.

But what of my eyes? Don't they shine?

Yes, but not from this poem of mine.

The pen is mightier than the sword,

But a pen can write only words.

The feelings I sense and the senses I feel

For keyboard and screen remain far too real.

My ears and my nose remain at rest.

My cheeks and hairline are doing their best.

But if this happiness poem could make my mouth smile,

My face would forever dress up in style.

About The Author

David Leonhardt first published this happiness poem in A Daily Dose of Happiness at http://TheHappyGuy.com/daily-happiness-free-ezine.html. Read his friendship poem at http://TheHappyGuy.com/friendship-poem.html



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