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Learn A Life Skill TODAY!

 by: Linda Gray

Did you ever watch your grandma knitting?

Wasn't it boring? Didn't it seem to take forever?

Most of us live life in the fast lane. Who needs to buy balls of yarn, search for patterns and spend - heaven forbid - the next three months making a jumper, when we can buy one in the high street for next to nothing.....

So why bother learning to knit?

  • the garment you make yourself is special to you or whoever you make it for. Create your own unique 'look'.

  • you will NEVER bump into someone wearing the exact same thing. Style and originality in one!

  • if you ever thought you didn't have a creative bone in your body - think again. Creating something useful will give you the most wonderful sense of achievement, second only to giving birth!

    You don't have time for this?

    Yes you do..... knitting can be done in an odd five minutes here and there throughout the day ... during the advertisements on TV if necessary.

    Pick up your knitting when the ads come on instead of checking the fridge for chocolate and snacks = less calorie intake = weight loss = joy!

    And if you're under the impression that knitting is boring and takes too long to get to the end of anything, think again!

    New yarns make knitting much much faster than ever and not only that, patterns are more fun and stylish in these days of superior design.

    Children in the Shetland islands ( north of Scotland, UK ) learn to knit as part of their curriculum.

    Yes - children can do this. My own children knit and can make unique and wonderful personalized gifts for their friends.

    Don't miss out on a life skill. Learn to knit today and gifts for the 'friend who has everything' will never cause another moments worry!

    About The Author

    Linda Gray is a freelance writer and designer. She has created a beautifully illustrated 'how-to-knit' ebook which you can download for FREE from her working from home website. http://www.mylot.org/stixandyarn.htm



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