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Joy Is Sexy

 by: Irene Segal

Joy is sexy because in embracing our joy, we embrace our positive energy and power. Joy is always there, waiting to be reclaimed. It is the bridge between living life by default and embracing life by positive design. Get sexy this week and remember that no one can tell us what to think or feel. Events and other people cannot steal our access to personal joy unless we decide to give up our personal power.

Before we can exercise our innate power to feel and express joy, we have to recognize what joy is and is not. The seedbed for our joy lies not in what we are doing, or acquiring but in what we are being. True joy is a state of personal wonder and power that comes from inside out. Our most creative and innovative work happens when we are working with a sense of joy that transcends space and time and empowers us to be the best we can be. When we are working and living with our joy, in the flow of positive purpose, we also touch the true success, abundance and satisfaction we desire

Sadly, joy is something that we often forget to access. We grow up, grow busy and forget that joy that is a gift that is available to each human being. As adults we reach joyful states by being in the present moment, but the hustle and bustle of life often leaves us with few such moments of joy. Many of us are unable to access personal joy other than in moments of physical ecstasy when we are all living in the present moment and sharing a positive expression of joy with our partner. Physical ecstasy is wonderful, but it is always fleeting. How can we access a sense of personal joy, touch the personal realm of positive emotion when we choose to?

Joy starts with our ability and our decision to let go of negativity, to cling to the positive, to appreciate the present moment, to not be distracted by the past or what we envisage the future holding.

We cannot be joyful all the time, but we can grow our joy muscles, our ability to attain a joyful state that transcends what we are doing and embraces our being. Get sexy with your life; decide to embrace a state of personal joy and appreciation. Remember that joy is not something that we have to learn, it is a personal power that we all had at birth and in childhood. It is an ability that we always have the power to recultivate and regain.

Imagine if you could take just one day this week and embrace all that is positive, and put negativity on hold for 24 hours and be one with your sense of personal joy, and power.

How would you feel? How would a positive focus impact your thoughts and your actions and words to others?

What would your joy day look like?

Take one day this week and decide to experience Just Joy. Take a day off from needs and fears, just operate from positive preferences. Learn to say no to what you do not want, and embrace what you do want.

1. Decide to cultivate each moment with positivity. If this is hard find a personal tool that works for you. i.e. put an elastic band on your left wrist, and when you feel yourself moving from the present moment, or falling into negativity give yourself a little tap with your elastic, not to hurt yourself but to refocus your thoughts on the fact that you have decided to take a Just Joy Day and to put negativity on hold.

2. Energize yourself by not letting people who are negative, draining or demanding steal your personal power, your joy.

3. Learn to be aware of your negative feelings, but to also be able to put these feelings on hold and enjoy a Just Joy day.

4. Let go of all the things that block personal joy like ego, negativity, fear. Let them go for 24 hours.

5. Share something joyful with another person, and see joy grow!

6. Focus on what is really important, focus on the positive in your life and work and how to share positive thoughts with others.

Enjoy a positive experiment, recognize that joy is sexy. Decide not to let anything or anyone get you down for 24 hours. End your day thinking about what you have learned and shared. Write to me about your Just Joy experiment! © 2004 Irene Segal

About The Author

Empowerment…. Irene Segal is a business and life coach who works with issues of change, business growth, leadership and self-empowerment. She was recently appointed as the Personal Development Expert for Enterprise Toronto, a branch of the Economic Development Office of the City of Toronto and is also an Ambassador for the Toronto Board of Trade. Irene’s professional journey includes running a multi million dollar steel business, mentoring entrepreneurs, financial consulting and co-authoring a book about coaching, Exploring Coaching. She received her coaching certification from Coach Training Alliance, who described her as one of the stars in their program. Irene was one of 10 Canadian women chosen by the Federal Development Bank to set up the first mentorship program for women in the country- Step Up. She was also the first woman Rotarian in Canada.



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