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Is Your Soul Breathing?

 by: Amita Sinha

God made humans in his image but these days very few of them lead a God fearing life. Environment is the main cause of changes in a human being. People you meet on a day today basis and the surroundings you are in contribute in the making of your mental structure. The general apathy, unreliability, attitude and behavior of each and every human being affects the nation. Every human should strive for self-improvement. This is an exercise of the mind.

These are a few steps, which I believe can help us improve our mental, emotional as well as physical capability.

1. Self Worth – The first and foremost step towards self improvement is self worth. A person who cannot appreciate his or her self can never be expected to lead a purposeful life. God has sent us to this world as his emissary and thus one has to believe that he or she is the best. So love yourself, appreciate yourself first and then you will see it in others too.

2. Be God fearing-The second step to follow is to lead a God fearing life as much as possible. Believe and follow the adage that if you do good to others it will be returned to you and vice versa. As much as possible keep away from lies, cheating and any other negative act. Try to remember the Ten Commandments once in a while. It is for your own good.

3. Never Condemn Yourself-There will be times when you will commit a wrong doing or make mistakes. Well, don’t hang yourself for it. Face your negative act bravely and vow to try and not repeat it.

4. No Regrets-Half the time in our lives we keep relieving the past and trying to think what went wrong at that point. Well, the past is gone, the future is unknown but the present is here with you. So please don’t dwell on past mistakes but learn from them and enjoy the present because its really a gift from God. Concentrating on regrets spoils your present as well as your future.

5. Be Positive and Optimistic-I know it is very difficult to be optimistic when things are going wrong in your life but give it a try anyway. You just might be able to pull your mind away from negative thoughts. Be alert and vigil and guard your negative thoughts constantly. Let your mind graze the green grass but keep them away from thorny bushes. Many a time when circumstances are absolutely going haywire and you are lost in the meanderings of a confused and dejected mind, one positive thought and the right attitude is enough to banish all pessimism and negativity and thus any or every problem.

6. Control Your Anger-Anger is the worst of your enemies. It spoils both your physical as well as mental well being. So hey, what’s the problem, you just have to keep it under lock and key. As soon as that bitter feeling of resentment starts gnawing at your heart and mind, don’t try to control it because it is too strong for you to handle. My suggestion is to start praying to God for help and believe me you will get it because nothing is stronger than God.

7. Mind Power- Increase your mind power by spiritual devices. You can try meditation, reiki, yoga or simply praying to God. Remember prayer needs no speech. Connect yourself to God and have a chat with him. Believe me, he is wise, he will show the path. You can call him on his cell anytime, it is never switched off. In times of stress find a quiet place sit and talk to God. This really helps.

8. Be a light to yourself, take refuge in yourself-Lastly, when faced with a problem, trust your instinct. It is the best bet. Do what your heart tells you. Become your own beacon instead of asking others for a helping torch. When upset, take refuge in your inner self. If needed, cry inside even outside if it makes you feel better. Remember, no one can help you more than your own self and surely you are clever enough to know that God is forever dependable. He is more a friend to you than you are to yourself. So nothing can go wrong when you have such a wonderful friend, supporter and guide.

About The Author

Amita Sinha

Homemaker, Poet & Creative Writer


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