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Increase Your Score Factor

 by: Robert Lee

So, you had an interesting night last night. You were out with the boys, hung around, visited a few places of popularity, met some girls and even got a few phone numbers and email addresses. So, what’s your next step?

I’m glad that you asked.

If you want to be sure to increase your score factor, you don’t want to come across as needy or freaky. You want to be the normal guy that women will find interesting.

And with that in mind, I’m going to tell you what to do. You probably already know what not to do, since you’re still single and alone.

Let’s say that it was Friday night that you met the girl that gave you her phone number (email addresses are handled differently).

You are going to wait 4 days before calling her. Tuesday will be your day. On that day you can call her and ask her if she wants to meet you for a quick coffee. Nothing big, no event happening or anything like that, just a simple coffee date. If she says that she’s busy, then you’ll ask her if she’s running some errands. You have errands to do as well, grocery shopping, dropping off laundry, looking for some new clothes. If you can join her as she is out and about running her errands, you’ll be able to spend some real quality time talking with her, finding out more about her than would be possible on your next two dates if you had just invited her out for dinner, which we don’t suggest you do this soon.

Your goal, in increasing your score factor, is not only to get phone numbers and email addresses from the women that you are interested in getting to know better, but actually getting to know them better before you commit to an exclusive relationship.

Increasing your score factor requires that you follow the right guidelines during the initial meeting and dating phases. These are:

  1. Face it, first impressions are what attraction is based on and you don’t want to screw with the process of attraction. So, in order to get the information you seek from the lady of your choice, you’ll approach her, chat her up quickly with a funny remark or two, get her number and exit. Once you have her phone number or email address, you want to get back to where you came from. Sticking around, in a crowded place, will only lead to her seeing too much of you in a short amount of time during which her attraction may peak and lessen. Despite your best efforts, this happens all too often. To keep her attraction on a steadily growing course, you’ll get out when things are going well for you. Let her attraction level increase without you being there. This works. Attraction includes a big percentage of fantasy and you should use this to your advantage by not being there after you have her phone number. Have I repeated myself enough times yet? Do you get it? Get her phone number or email address and get out..

  2. Call her or send an email no sooner than 3 days and no more than 6 days after you met. Keep it casual, with an invite to a regular type of meeting: a quick coffee, a shared trip running errands, something that keeps the door open for a quick exit and has a set time limit before the ‘date’ ends. Keep in mind that this is not really a date, it is a ‘meet’.

  3. Considering that all went well during your meet, your next call should be after 2 days. This should take you to the next Monday, and should give her enough time not only to decide that she wants to continue seeing you, but for her attraction level to increase even more. You will continue with the short dates, going out for coffee, running errands, maybe even window shopping. You won’t do the dinner date yet and you most certainly won’t take her to a bar or night club. Face it, you don’t want to get under the influence (of any drink or drug) and lose the carefully crafted control and attraction level that you’ve worked so hard to attain. Keep in mind that while working up to this point, sex is a no-no, and anything that goes beyond the ‘Kiss Test’ really shouldn’t be attempted.

  4. At this stage you should be coming up to the third weekend since you’ve met. And be past the third or fourth ‘meet’. Now that you know more about the girl and she knows more about you, weekend dates are the next step. Depending on the signals you’ve received, you can move the relationship to a more intimate level, an understanding of exclusivity during this phase of your dating with the rules of your relationship evolving as you both continue to date.

Following these guidelines will help increase your score factor while dating, keep attraction levels high in the women you meet and raise your own self-confidence. You don’t need to be a player to be an active dating male that women find interesting. And you don’t need to be a buff chiseled featured man to get noticed.

For more information about the ‘Kiss Test’, ideas and advice for your first few dates and even great tried-and-true tips for making that first impression, visit www.DatingInsights.com.

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