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I Know I Can, I Know I Can

 by: Michael Dixon

I'm sure most of you remember the children's book about The Little Train That Could. I have to admit that at my age, I don't remember the exact title or exactly how the story goes, but I don't recall the idea in the story.

Basically, if you think you can, you can, but if you KNOW you can, you WILL.

By setting a goal, having a burning (I said BURNING) desire to achieve that goal, and daily affirming that goal, there is no way you can fail. You must stay focused on your goal and remain commited to reaching it.

Write your goal(s) down on paper and place them where you can read them every day. Remember, we are staying focused here. Read them out loud to yourself. If you memorize them, read them anyway.

Visualize your goals. Find pictures to represent your goals and put them up where you can see them every day. Can't find a picture? Draw one!

The more you commit yourself to a goal, the easier it is to discover the steps you need to take to reach it. Look at steps that fail as successful learning tools, stepping stones along your chosen path.

Take charge of your life NOW! It's the only one you have.

About The Author

Michael Dixon is the owner and webmaster of http://www.moneyferret.org , and editor of The MoneyFERRET Monthly Newsletter. Both the site and the newsletter are devoted to providing valuable information to the beginning online entrepreneur.



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